A Check-Engine Light for Dashboards

What if you had real-time alerts on your dashboards that let people know if the data was right? 

You would save time and build trust. Empower your stakeholders with the information they need to work confidently with data. Get started with a single step.

A canary for the digital miner

A canary is your sidekick in building trust - informing your users when a report is ready to use and alerting them when there are problems.

Goes where your reports go

They perch on your dashboards as an img or iframe tag. This means they can go literally everywhere - BI tools, wiki pages, and notebooks! 

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Tell them before they tell you

Canaries are right on the report where your users can't miss them. No more looking up emails or slack channels. 

Canaries are fluent in data speak - lifecycles, pipeline problems, etc. They can even change state automatically. 



Support where your users need it

Spend your time discovering insights not answering support questions.

Setup in minutes. Save hours.

Canaries listen for the alerts your data infrastructure already generates. Integration can be as simple as registering a webhook or adding a REST API call.

Data-driven analytics

Canaries are also clever scouts, bringing back useful intelligence on which reports are actually being used. 


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Your data is not accessed

Canaries don't talk to databases nor do they need security credentials. They're agile messengers who love to ease data friction.

Data Teams Agree

With 30+ users and 60+ reports, it is critical to know which users are using which reports. With analytics, I can prioritize the valuable ones.

I had planned an afternoon to try it out but I was up and running in 30 minutes.

We ❤️ the tools you already use

Power BI
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It's easy. Really! 

Watch this short video to see how to perch a canary on a report.


HubSpot Video

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Check engine light for dashboards

Get the Check-Engine light for your dashboards.

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