Delivering a great analytics experience shouldn't be hard...

How much time does your analytics team spend supporting old reports across all kinds of channels?

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Mighty Canary makes it easy!

Scale your team's capacity and impact with an analytics service center. 

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Be proactive, not reactive.

Don't waste any more time answering "Is this dashboard right?" through a handful of disconnected communication channels.

Keep stakeholders up-to-date on any data asset with automated monitoring and status alerts. 

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Deliver a centralized data experience.

Support, communicate, and collaborate with your data customers in one single platform. Status alerts, in-app chat, knowledge base, report metrics, and more. 

Quantify your team's impact.

Choose meaningful metrics to showcase the value of your contributions. See which reports are actually being used. Track time to fix, report uptime, customer satisfaction, and more.



Empower confident, data-driven decisions.

Certify the data is right with a trusted visual cue. Equip your company with confidence to make important decisions.

Data Teams Agree

With 30+ users and 60+ reports, it is critical to know which users are using which reports. With analytics, I can prioritize the valuable ones.

Mighty Canary is going to help strengthen the trust between our analytics department and end users.

I had planned an afternoon to try out Mighty Canary, but I was up and running in 30 minutes.

We ❤️ the tools you already use

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Find your Zen again.

Mighty Canary gets you back where you belong - out of support tickets and back into curating valuable data insights.


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