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Find your #AnalyticsZen again

Analytics & data teams thrive when they are discovering insights. But most spend 30% of their time answering the same user questions. Mighty Canary is here to help.

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Be proactive, not reactive.

Answer user questions right on the report saving time and reducing confusion.

Keep stakeholders up-to-date on any data asset with automated notification on status. 

analyst help desk

Deliver a centralized data experience.

Support, communicate, and collaborate with your data customers in one single platform. Status alerts, in-app chat, knowledge base, report metrics, and more. 

Quantify your team's impact.

Choose meaningful metrics to showcase the value of your contributions. See which reports are actually being used. Track time to fix, report uptime, customer satisfaction, and more.



Empower confident, data-driven decisions.

Certify the data is right with a trusted visual cue. Equip your company with confidence to make important decisions.